The Adventures of André and Wally B.

In “The Adventures of André and Wally B.” a fictional creature of Pixar’s own (at this point the company was called “The Lucasfilm Computer Graphics Project”), named André, wakes up to a bee named Wally B. flying right in front of his face, intimidating André. It is understandable that the Wally B. plans to sting André. Before the Wally B. gets his chance André tricks him in the classic “Look that way!” trick. Sparing himself a few seconds, André runs away before he gets stung by Wally B.

Something I did notice about “The Adventures of André and Wally B.” was that André’s voice sounds extremely similar to that of Donald Duck. Was “The Lucasfilm Computer Graphics Project” influenced by Disney before official business was made between them and Disney? Maybe so, it is unlikely that is is a coincidence.

This film was released on December 18, 1984. Alvy Ray Smith wrote this short and directed it. Animation was by John Lasseter. This short was truly an iconic achievement of it’s time. “The Adventures of André and Wally B.” contained the first use of motion blur in CG animation and complex 3D backgrounds.


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Countdown to Cars 2 #2: car-inspired architecture

Only 98 days until the release of Cars 2! Cars 2 races into theaters June 24th, mark your calendars! As you already know, in Cars 2 Lightning Mcqueen, Mater, and the rest of the gang visit to places all around the world in Europe and Japan. Yesterday, new concept art for the architecture of major landmarks that were incorporated into the film were released. This new concept art features landmarks such as London’s New House of Parliament, Big Ben, the Eiffel tower, and also an original destination of Pixar’s own named Porto Corsa Casino, in Italy.

A Spark Plug

Look closely and you can see that Pixar artists replaced certain key aspects of London’s New House of Parliament with their own “car-inspired” architecture. The façade features a built in car grill (you will see car grills incorporated frequently in this film’s architecture), and headlights. The towers on London’s New House of Parliament and also on Big Ben have sparkplugs. A spark plug is the starting point for combustion in your engine. Big Ben is now called “Big Bentley”.

Pixar artists got really creative in carifying the Eiffel tower. The bottom arches form wheel semi-circles. Atop the Eiffel tower there is yet another spark plug with a car antennae. Car grilles are also incorporated into the redesign of the Eiffel Tower. If you look closely, in the group of cars the are driving below through the arch (possibly racing) you can see mater.

The last of the 3 concept art images that were released yesterday features a fictional version of one of many casinos of the European Riviera, called the Porto Corsa Casino. Porto Corsa translates to “Port of Travel” in English. Does this mean anything for this casino’s significance to the plot? Guess we’ll have to wait. Car statuary details are on the corners of this building, instead of lions which are quite common to this kind of architecture.

A still that was recently released also features “carified” architecture that I’ve

Car Grill

noticed. Across the lake, on the edge of the road you can see a car grill topped with a hood ornament. Hood ornaments usually feature the brand logo of the car, except this one doesn’t have a logo, it is left as a blank circle. The off in the distance, even past the road there are tall buildings, a couple of them are “carified” with car grills as well as headlights. Neither of these romantic characters’ identities have been released to the public yet, they still remain unknown. Mater’s face tells it all, the light pink-colored must play a big role, if not in this sequel, definitely in Mater’s heart.


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Excerpt on Pixar News Central new article “You are a Toy”

Image edited by Alexandra @ The Dream of Pixar

Viewers only know of the final cut version of Toy Story, the version that features main characters like Woody and Buzz. If you thought that this was the only version known at Pixar then you thought wrong. Before all the “Hey howdy hey!” and “To infinity and beyond!” the initial plans for Toy Story were to have not a continuation of Tin Toy, but have the main character of this 1988 short, Tinny, feature in his own full length film. During production, this film’s code name was “Toy Story”. Other ideas for the title included “You are a Toy”. None of the ideas like this that were proposed for the title stood up to the name “Toy Story”, so they decided to stick with the original title “Toy Story”.

This is only an excerpt of original article, view full article on Pixar News Central here.

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100 days until release of Cars 2

By now most (if not all) of you know about the sequel of Cars (2006) that will be released in theaters this summer on June 24th, 2011. Well, today marks 100 days until the release of Cars 2… and the countdown begins! Every other day up until the release of Cars 2 The Dream of Pixar will publish an article that will go into depth about Cars and Cars 2 themes, fun facts about the voice talents, inspirations for the movie, the animators and other crew, including directors (John Lasseter & co-director Brad Lewis), some things you didn’t know about Cars, and some guest bloggers.

Stay tuned into The Dream of Pixar to bring you all things Cars 2 during this countdown to Theatres! To start the countdown here are 25 fun facts about Cars that I bet you didn’t know:

  • Mia and Tia are modeled after the first-generation Mazda MX-5 Miata.
  • Flo isn’t based on one car, but is more of a “mixture” of 951 Buick LeSabre, the 1951 Buick XP-300, and the 1957 Chrysler Dart.
  • The infamous A113 can be seen on the train that Lightning Mcqueen outruns. (A113 can also be seen on Mater’s plate, but cannot be clearly seen in the image below)

  • Guido is italian for “I Drive”
  • The original idea was about an electric car living in a gas-guzzling world.
  • Michael Keaton is the voice of the security guard who yells “Hey, no press!” during the instant replay sequence after the first race.
  • While films are in production they usually have code names, for this one it was “Surgery”.
  • A hidden Mickey can be seen for a short moment when the rotating sign on Flo’s V8 Cafe spins.
  • Every third blink of the stoplight in Radiator Springs really is slower by 1/2 second, confirming Fillmore’s observation.
  • The Doc Hudson character is based on NASCAR pioneer Herb Thomas.
  • The piston cup is a reference to the famous NASCAR race, The Winston Cup.
  • Paul Newman’s last movie before his death of lung cancer in 2008.
  • Luigi’s license plate reads 445-108, which is the latitude and longitude for the main Ferrari factory in Modena, Italy.

  • Last of Pixar’s films before it was bought by Disney.
  • In the U.S., alone, in the box office Cars made $244,082,982.
  • John Lasseter first thought of the idea for Cars (2006) while taking a cross-country trip on Route 66 with his wife and five sons in 2000.
  • Within 2 days of being released on DVD 5,000,000 copies were sold.
  • Being 116 minutes, it is the longest Pixar movie.
  • The first Pixar film to use the technique called “ray tracing” which allows the animated cars to credibly reflect their environments.
  • Michael Jordan was the human inspiration for Lightning McQueen.
  • Every now and then, Lightning McQueen’s tongue pops out when he’s thinking about something. This is actually a characteristic of director John Lasseter which his animators gleefully incorporated into the film.
  • As the jets fly over Los Angeles International Speedway, Pixar Animation Studios (taken from a satellite photo) is visible in the landscape below.

  • “Lightyear” tires and blimps are featured throughout Cars, a reference to Buzz Lightyear.
  • Stanley, the founder of Radiator springs (the statue featured in the center of town), is the same model of the car in the Boundin’, the Pixar short that was attached to The Incredibles.
  • During the tractor tipping scene, Mater notes “that’s funny, I don’t care who you are” which is one of the well known sayings of ‘Larry the Cable Guy’.
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“Up” Themes: Relationships

What’s the first thing you thought of when you read the title? Intimate relationships? Well… yes, Up does include an intimate relationship in it’s plot that Carl Fredrickson had with his wife. In each of our lives we encounter numerous relationships, before you find your spouse (granted only if you marry once) you will probably even date more people than you can count on one hand. That’s just naturally how it works, as we go through life we go through different relationships. However, not all relationships in life are necessarily intimate. In Up Carl stumbles upon a different kind of relationship, one that just came knocking at his door… literally.

“We came up with this image of a floating house held aloft by balloons, and it just seemed to capture what we were after in terms of escaping the world. We quickly realized that the world is really about relationships, and that’s what Carl comes to discover.”

-Pete Docter, Director/Writer

You will have intimate relationships, relationships with your family, with your colleagues, with everyday people that you meet, even with your dog or cat. Nevertheless, I believe one of the most important relationships you can have with someone is a friendship. Dig deep past the adventure, the huge flourishing jungle, and the talking dogs. The whole point of the story is to show an unlikely friendship being formed and those series of events that lead to this friendship between Carl and Russell. Up is centered around Carl and Russell’s Friendship.

Carl has been mourning over the death of his late beloved wife for quite a while. Since Ellie’s passing Carl hasn’t opened himself up to another relationship with anyone in the world. It is apparent that Carl doesn’t consider finding another to replace Ellie, everything he does is in honor of Ellie. Because of his fear of replacing Ellie, Carl becomes extremely introverted. He closes himself up to the rest of the world, which is the reason of his cantankerous attitude towards the rest of the world in the beginning of the movie, he wants nothing to do with anyone at all, let alone nurture a new friendship. Despite Carl being resistant towards letting someone new in, he encounters a new friendship whether he likes it or not.

Pete Docter is one hundred percent right, just for a second imagine your life without any relationships of any kind. Every man is for their own, you don’t rely on anyone, you don’t communicate or interact with anyone (unless business matters of course). It can’t be done! Each an every human being right now is in some kind of relationship, intimate, friendship, or even an acquaintance you have with your next door neighbor.  Our lives are centered around all these relationships we have with one another, some last a lifetime… some last only a few days. Life is about creating new friendships and other relationships with one another, this is yet for Carl to discover… until he meets little Russell.

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Happy 50th Birthday Ken!

We’ve known him our whole lives, the perfect boyfriend, but has lived in Barbie’s shadow his whole life. Who else other than the handsome Ken, himself? Released back in 1961, he is still the icon of a dream boyfriend even today. Yesterday, (March 11th) Ken celebrated his 50th birthday. Ken has surely been through a lot since 1961 with all the breakups, makeups, and hundreds of fashion statements & changes.

Ken first came out two years after Barbie (Barbie was released in 1959). He has been a man of flawless image and perfection ever since. His hair was perfect, his body was perfect, his love for Barbie was perfect… of course until the tragic breakup in 2004. Even Ken’s clothes were perfect. In the eyes of the public Ken is the dream boyfriend, and just all around amazing and perfect.

That is really what strikes me, we have never seen Ken’s real personality, seen the real Ken in action (i.e. tv shows, movies, books, not even comics) until his debut role in Toy Story 3, and yet we have what might have been a misconception of what Ken really is like. Before Toy Story 3 all we saw and knew about Ken were his outfits, his looks, and that he loves Barbie. From only all of that we get this view of Ken that he’s automatically perfect in every way, that he’s the man of our dreams. Almost nothing can be based upon good looks.

“Never reveal all of yourself to other people; hold back something in reserve so that people are never quite sure if they really know you.” -Michael Korda

Surely Mattel didn’t intentionally hold back certain attributes of Ken’s personality, but I am definitely not sure if I really know Ken. Ken is only a doll, aside from Toy Story 3 we truly don’t know Ken at all. Where’s his personality? His interests? (that apparently depends on what he’s wearing) You know nothing from a man who dresses nicely, and is dating Barbie. All this time we have looked upon Ken as we would look at the leading male in our favorite soap opera, but in reality we don’t know Ken at all, whatsoever.

During these 50 years society has obsessed over this pseudo-boyfriend, dreaming of finding their “Ken” in life. Cause “every girl needs her Ken,” right? Wrong. A word of advice ladies, we don’t know Ken at all… don’t look for “your Ken”, you would get lost along the way, look for your man, the other half of your heart, the love of your life. Because every girl needs her man that she truly knows.

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