Why the title, The Dream of Pixar? When I watch any movie or short made by Pixar, I’m transported into another world. I experience things I would never do or experience in the real world. I fly outside the Axiom in outer space, I discover birds of a rare species, I travel the big ocean blue helping my friend find his long lost son, I help fight off the grasshoppers, and I even meet a talking dog! With lovable characters you grow close to, and amazing story lines, Pixar makes it’s audience feel like they are right there alongside the main characters in their adventures. Once the movie starts you are in another world, just like a dream.

Here in this blog you won’t only read the latest from Pixar, you will also read my own thoughts and feelings about the latest from Pixar, even what I don’t like. Don’t let this blog be a one sided conversation! I want to know what you think. Agree with me? Good, let me know! Disagree with me? That’s just fine, but why? Comment your own thoughts and ideas as well.


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