Countdown to pixar: 91 days left & final touches on Cars 2 film were made today

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Remember in high school when you worked on that essay that your pesky teacher assigned to you, and you didn’t finish until time reached the AM that night, or you worked for hours on end coding a new website, or that time when to impress your boss you worked hard on every little detail of a presentation you were asked to present to a group of employees. Remember how you felt when you finished? That great feeling of accomplishment is one of the greatest emotions you will feel in life. Think back one of your biggest accomplishments, then multiply that feeling you had afterwards… by a hundred!

Today was the last day of animation on “Cars 2”, the last frames, rendering and touchups were made. The level of excitement that is within the Pixar campus today can only be imagined. “Cars 2” has been in production for about 4 years now and today it is finished! Just in time also, there is only 91 days until the release of “Cars 2”. There wasn’t much time left to finish all the frames, rendering, and final touches. John Lasseter, the animators, and the rest of the staff that worked on “Cars 2” have worked day and night, thousands of hours, sometimes even running on only coffee at times creating this film. They have given this project their all.

I would just like to take this time to congratulate all of those who worked on “Cars 2”. Without a doubt, this film will receive a great amount of recognition once it is released. Because of all the hard work all you (the staff at Pixar) have done, I know you deserve all awards and recognition that you will recieve. Congratulations Pixar, I’m extremely looking forward to seeing the film on June 24th.

It’s finally done! Time to celebrate 🙂

Here are what a couple of Pixar animators who worked on “Cars 2″have to say:

(Click images to go to animator’s twitter page)

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