Connect with other The Dream of Pixar readers and Pixar fans!

The Dream of Pixar blog Community site (click image to go to site)

Normal blogs are usually one-sided “conversations” with the writer(s) and their readers. Or maybe it is two-sided where the reader can send personal messages to the writer, but that’s it. What about readers communicating with each other, talking to other readers who share the exact same interests as you? Nope, unfortunately, hardly any blogs do allow readers to easily communicate with each other. Now it’s time to break that trend! The Dream of Pixar has set up an external site where The Dream of Pixar readers and fans can communicate with other readers and fans. You can talk about the article you read that day, or the next big Pixar project you’re excited about, anything! The best part is you are communicating with other readers with the same interests as you.

Once readers have set up an account on The Dream of Pixar Blog Community site readers can…

  • set up a profile page (even with status updates, just like Facebook)
  • Post or comment on Pixar-related forums
  • Send personal messages to other readers
  • Chat with other readers
  • Become a fan of The Dream of Pixar on Facebook
  • Follow The Dream of Pixar on Twitter
  • And so much more!

Click here to go to the community site and become a member of The Dream of Pixar today!

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