Excerpt on Pixar News Central new article “You are a Toy”

Image edited by Alexandra @ The Dream of Pixar

Viewers only know of the final cut version of Toy Story, the version that features main characters like Woody and Buzz. If you thought that this was the only version known at Pixar then you thought wrong. Before all the “Hey howdy hey!” and “To infinity and beyond!” the initial plans for Toy Story were to have not a continuation of Tin Toy, but have the main character of this 1988 short, Tinny, feature in his own full length film. During production, this film’s code name was “Toy Story”. Other ideas for the title included “You are a Toy”. None of the ideas like this that were proposed for the title stood up to the name “Toy Story”, so they decided to stick with the original title “Toy Story”.

This is only an excerpt of original article, view full article on Pixar News Central here.

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