Countdown to Cars 2 #2: car-inspired architecture

Only 98 days until the release of Cars 2! Cars 2 races into theaters June 24th, mark your calendars! As you already know, in Cars 2 Lightning Mcqueen, Mater, and the rest of the gang visit to places all around the world in Europe and Japan. Yesterday, new concept art for the architecture of major landmarks that were incorporated into the film were released. This new concept art features landmarks such as London’s New House of Parliament, Big Ben, the Eiffel tower, and also an original destination of Pixar’s own named Porto Corsa Casino, in Italy.

A Spark Plug

Look closely and you can see that Pixar artists replaced certain key aspects of London’s New House of Parliament with their own “car-inspired” architecture. The façade features a built in car grill (you will see car grills incorporated frequently in this film’s architecture), and headlights. The towers on London’s New House of Parliament and also on Big Ben have sparkplugs. A spark plug is the starting point for combustion in your engine. Big Ben is now called “Big Bentley”.

Pixar artists got really creative in carifying the Eiffel tower. The bottom arches form wheel semi-circles. Atop the Eiffel tower there is yet another spark plug with a car antennae. Car grilles are also incorporated into the redesign of the Eiffel Tower. If you look closely, in the group of cars the are driving below through the arch (possibly racing) you can see mater.

The last of the 3 concept art images that were released yesterday features a fictional version of one of many casinos of the European Riviera, called the Porto Corsa Casino. Porto Corsa translates to “Port of Travel” in English. Does this mean anything for this casino’s significance to the plot? Guess we’ll have to wait. Car statuary details are on the corners of this building, instead of lions which are quite common to this kind of architecture.

A still that was recently released also features “carified” architecture that I’ve

Car Grill

noticed. Across the lake, on the edge of the road you can see a car grill topped with a hood ornament. Hood ornaments usually feature the brand logo of the car, except this one doesn’t have a logo, it is left as a blank circle. The off in the distance, even past the road there are tall buildings, a couple of them are “carified” with car grills as well as headlights. Neither of these romantic characters’ identities have been released to the public yet, they still remain unknown. Mater’s face tells it all, the light pink-colored must play a big role, if not in this sequel, definitely in Mater’s heart.


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