Introducing new article chain: Celebrating Pixar couples

What do Carl & Ellie, Buzz & Jessie, and Wall-E & Eve all have in common? They are all couples featured in Pixar films! I was thinking today about Woody & Little Bo Peep and how cute they were, then realized that there are many couples that are featured in Pixar films that are presented in the cutest, most lovable way. Once a week during the next several weeks I will focus on one couple in any Pixar film. This week I have chosen Woody and Little Bo Peep, the first couple that Pixar has ever created.

Between Woody’s “staff meetings” and being played with by Andy, Woody and Little Bo Peep have their little chances to flirt. They have a cute seemingly innocent (I’m not implying anything here) courtship, until the end of the movie where Woody gets kisses all over from Little Bo Peep underneath the mistletoe.

I just think the whole thing between these two is just adorable. Woody is the leader of Andy’s toys, the strong one. I really enjoyed seeing a soft side of him come out when he’s around her. The way he gets all giggly around her is adorable. One of the sadder moments for me in Toy Story 3 was when it was announced that Little Bo Peep was sold at a garage sale. The look on Woody’s face said it all, he was heartbroken.

From that point on Little Bo Peep isn’t even mentioned. I like to think that somehow the two love birds are still in touch. Like Trixi communicated with the dinosaur down the block (rex?).

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