Biweekly Pixar instrumental song: “Life’s Incredible Again” The Incredibles

One thing I love about instrumental songs are that in some instances (like today’s song) by listening you can understand what thoughts are going through the character’s mind. Today I have chosen the song “Life’s Incredible Again” from The Incredibles. During the scene in which this song is being played Bob is training to build up his strength and loose some weight before he gets back into fighting real crime and real villains, unlike the minor heroic acts he has been doing since going into incognito.

The overall theme that can be interpreted throughout this song is a incredible amount of confidence. In the beginning for only a couple of seconds of a saxophone lick (a lick in music is just a series of running notes in a row) can be heard. In comparison, it is a little softer than the rest of the song, also very short, as if it were a thought or idea developing. Then comes in the first time you hear a recurring trumpet theme, this trumpet melody is very encouraging, and uplifting, this trumpet theme brings out confidence. This is the confidence that Bob has in getting back to his heroic lifestyle. After that you hear the saxophones come back in with a series of running quarter and eighth notes,  which depicts working out, but no struggle here as if not even breaking a sweat. The recurring trumpet theme comes back, Bob is now more confident about himself than ever. Then you hear both the saxophones and trumpets “calling and answering” to each other in a competitive way, as if it were a battle. Here, is where we can determine what is going on in Bob’s mind at this moment in this scene. Bob is looking towards the future at what is ahead of him, all he knows at this point is that he will battle a large robot on Nomanisan, he is imagining the battle between him and this robot. Of course at this point he doesn’t realize that the real battle is between him and “Incrediboy” aka Syndrome. One last time the trumpet theme is brought out, Bob is now even more confident and finally now content as the song slows down and ends.

Didn’t hear what I heard? What’s your story?


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