Who ever said office space had to be boring?

In the business world it’s all the same, you are assigned a cubicle or if you get lucky a desk in a room with a view. It doesn’t always have to be this way, why not add a personal touch? Pixar takes the personal touch to office space to the extreme, to the point to where it isn’t recognizable anymore as an office. To promote a creative enviroment and creative thinking, Pixar animators decorate their working space along with their own theme. Walking through Pixar you may see a leggo castle, a tiki hut, and even a secret hideout. Don’t forget about John Lasseter’s HUGE collection that would make any collector envious, he keeps it all right in his office.

Here are just a few of the creative office spaces at Pixar:

names of offices pictured above: Angus Maclane: green leggo castle, Mark Walsh: tiki hut, Warren Trezevant: moody lighting, picture 4 unknown

Now, here’s someone who took things to the next level! Andrew Gordon of course decorated his office, but on top of that he built a secret hideaway with a Vegas-style theme within his office, hidden behind a bookcase:

I have now definitely saved the best for last. John Lasseter holds his collection of Pixar toys right in his office. It has everything you can think of from orange cones featured in the first Toy Story to a plush Flick doll from A Bug’s Life.

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