Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation clip revealed

Earlier this morning a clip of the upcoming Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation short was revealed on the Entertainment Weekly website. The synopsis of the short was also revealed in this article in the full interview with director Gary Rydstrom. A few quotes from this interview were released in last weeks edition of Entertainment Weekly, but here the full interview is also disclosed.

In this article the plot of this short is announced, along with confirming rumors. Plans go wrong in Ken’s plan for Barbie and him to stow away in Bonnie’s bag before she leaves with her family to Hawaii. The rest of the short has the rest of the Toy Story gang plan a Hawaii adventure for the two lovebirds right in Bonnie’s room. Since they can’t go to Hawaii, they decide to bring Hawaii to them! With Woody in charge, Ken & Barbie are in for a great adventure. “Woody becomes kind of the leader, like whatshisname on Love Boat.”

In the interview Gary Rydstrom affirms that this will be the first of many Toy Story shorts “The characters are too cool to let go. Shorts are a great way to keep them alive.” Here is the link to the full article and video as well as some stills:

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