Instrumental song of the week *now posting more than once a week*

I was pleasantly surprised with the number of views that my recent post “Pixar instrumental song of the week” got, that post is currently my most popular article. I’ve decided to post not once a week, but twice a week and see where it goes from there. I love feedback, will this be an article chain that you would like to see be continued? Today I’ve picked Nemo Egg (aka the main title) from the Finding Nemo score. This song is played at the beginning of the film right when Marlin discovers the egg, being Nemo, that is left behind after the barracuda attack. Marlin holds the egg in his fin, looks it over, then the main title comes up and the movie begins.

Listening to this song, the overall emotion I feel is a strong sense of hope and determination. In the beginning there is a sustained note. Someone is confused or just is plain shock because of something. Then you hear a quiet theme on the piano. This person is lost, with almost no hope. Yet, there is a tiny bit of hope somewhere deep down inside that person which keeps that person going. After that, dynamics (how loud or soft something is, musically) start to get louder and the tempo (speed of a song) also starts to pick up but only by just a few beats per minute. This person is on their journey, on some type of quest, or in search of something, now more determined. This person is starting to gain hope as the melody picks up and is supported by low string instruments in the background. A high violin theme starts to enter the song on top of the piano theme that is also still being played. These two themes played at once are together in harmony, a perfect pair. Maybe help has come for our person on their pursuit? Or just a greater determination and hope, this person has almost reached their goal. Tempo starts to slow down, has our person given up? No they have reached their destination. The song ends as the title “Finding Nemo” appears on the screen.

Sounds much like the plot of Finding Nemo doesn’t it? (not purposely done, just write what I hear) Our person in this song goes through exactly what Marlin is about to go through. Coincidence? I think not! I have read about ancient Greek writers, that before starting their story they would pray to the Muses (Greek goddesses), they would include their prayer in their story right at the very beginning. This prayer contained pretty much the whole story in a short summary to the Muse. Homer has done this in the Odyssey.

It seems that the same technique is used here, but not in prayer form of course. This song expresses the same emotions that Marlin experiences in search of his son. In the beginning Marlin is devastated, with all hope lost… until he meets Dory and finds the diver’s mask. He is then more determined to find Nemo. The second theme that comes through with the violins could be bringing out how Dory helps Marlin on his adventure, or it could also be the mask. The mask changes everything after Marlin finds it, it gives him a destination, a new hope.

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  1. says:

    relating to the muses really is great…thanks!

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