Cars 2 plot: too flashy?

The first Cars film attracted many young boys to the excitement of racing, and the excitement of who would win the Piston cup. This made the movie a major hit among boys around the age of seven. Of course Pixar knows this, which could be mostly why the plot for the sequel is filled with flashy races in glamorous scenes all around the world, exaggerating aspects of what made Cars a hit. This sequel seems to have it all: crazy chase scenes, secret agents, explosions, major races like the Piston Cup, and destinations all around the world. But is bigger really better?

Movies that have tried to include every single thing that can make a movie a success and just mash it all together usually don’t turn out the way they plan. Of course this isn’t an animated film, but take the movie “Valentines Day” that came out last year for example. They hired every single successful actor possible, including Jessica Alba, Queen Latifah, Bradely Cooper, Anne Hathaway, Ashton Kutcher, Jamie Foxx, and Patrick Demsey just to name a few. Having all of these stars crammed in one film really did contribute to making the film not a successful one, but a meretricious one. Linda Barnard of the Toronto Star agrees with this statement. The biggest problem with Valentine’s Day was the poor script and plot, it was only worsened by the overflow of stars being in one film. The lesson learned here? Don’t cover up a weak spot of a movie by embedding other overwhelming, flashy components, or don’t inundate your audience with ostentatious attributes of the movie. So how does all of this relate to Pixar’s next release, Cars 2?

The way I see it, the plot of Cars 2 is a little risky. Movies like “Valentine’s Day” include their flashy characteristics in pursuit to be the best, like the movies that really do have it all and successfully pull it off. My main question is will Cars 2 just be another overwhelming movie that is trying to be the best and successful, or will Pixar do it yet again and astound us all with an amazing movie with all the works? Well the answer to that will have to wait till June 24th.

The experts at Pixar know how to tie different elements of a movie together in a creative and appealing way. They know what they are doing, and even with flashy components included in their movie, the workers at Pixar and John Lasseter (co-director) would not let something like what happened with “Valentine’s Day” happen to Cars 2. I am skeptical about Cars 2’s plot. However, knowing Pixar’s outstanding history in previous movies the Cars 2’s outcome could go both ways. It’s one of those movies that could be either a hit or a miss.

Credit to Rotten Tomatoes for quote

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