Entertainment weekly first look at Toy Story short!

It is already well known that the Pixar animated short that will be attached to Cars 2 will be another adventure following the beloved characters of Toy Story 3. Entertainment Weekly released a first look at this short this week, confirming the rumored plot of this short and a couple of stills. Bonnie and her family are planning on going to Hawaii on a vacation, Barbie and Ken try to tag along with Bonnie, but they aren’t able to snag a spot on that trip. With hopes let down, having Woody in charge, the rest of the Toy Story crew decide that if Barbie and Ken can’t go to Hawaii, then they will bring Hawaii to them for a romantic getaway.

Gary Rydstrom (who also directed the Pixar short “Lifted”) is directing this short, he says that “Woody becomes kind of like what’s-his-name on Love Boat… Captain Stubing! […] As toys who get played with all the time, they have a pretty good imagination, […] When it’s time for a little playacting, they’re good at it.”

I am extremely excited about this short, especially since Pixar plans not to produce any more Toy Story movies. It’s nice to see the characters we all know and love appear on screen once more. Even though this romantic getaway is created centered around Barbie & Ken, I do wonder if Jesse & Buzz will get a chance to share a few romantic moments together. That would be really cute. 🙂

Knowing what has been released about the plot of this short, and also seeing the worried look on the characters’ faces, my first thought about this still is maybe right at this moment Woody and the gang watch Bonnie and her family from their window drive away… without them. Just an assumption.

I can’t stop smiling seeing Mr. Pricklepants in his costume. 😀

Credit to Entertainment Weekly

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