“Three words” and ABC Good morning America

My last post stated that according to Lee Unkrich’s twitter post last night that he would possibly appear on Good Morning America this morning, but sadly did not appear on GMA. Instead, he was featured in a video titled “Three Words” that was posted on the ABC news website. In this video Oscar nominees share their feelings in only three words.

Above: Lee Unkrich displaying his three words on his iPad: Always Dream Big

from left to right: Randy Newman: We Belong Together (appropirate, being the title of his Oscar-nominated song), Teddy Newton (Directed Night & Day): 20 percent chance (there are 5 nominees in Teddy Newton’s category, a 20 percent chance of winning), Michael Silvers (TS3 sound editor): World Peace Now, Tom Myers (TS3 sound editor): Shhh… Just Listen (hmmm… must be an inside joke?)

Even though Lee Unkrich didn’t appear through the television screen, John Lasseter did. He was interviewed for Good Morning America. The chances of TS3 bringing home the Oscar for Best Motion Picture were discussed. The academy doesn’t normally take animated films, only because of the fact that animated films are computer generated, not a “real film” and that it’s “kids stuff”. I say that they should definitely take animated films seriously! It takes at least twice the amount of work and twice the amount of time it takes to make an animated film than just to make a movie by having people show up, say a few lines, and there you go! Never has an animated film taken the title for Best Motion Picture. Well this year… I think I hear the winds of change. You hear it? You hear the winds of change? (Monsters Inc. quote :D). I also just wanna say I love John Lasseter’s shirt he wore during his interview, if you look closely in the image above you can see it has a Cars pattern. 🙂

The video of this morning’s episode of Good Morning America can be viewed here:


Credit to ABC News Good Morning America



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