Monsters Inc. 2 plot ideas *Rumors*

There have been 2 distinct different plot ideas for Monsters Inc. 2 that have been circulating around the net, but keep in mind, these are only rumors. No official synopsis has been released by Disney yet for this film. The first idea is more of a prequel to the first Monsters Inc., which will follow younger versions of James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski. The second, jumps forward a few years to older versions of James P. Sullivan, Mike Wazowski, and even the beloved Boo.

A prequel is a great idea for any movie, an idea which Pixar has not toyed with before (unless that’s exactly what they’re working on with Monsters Inc. 2, of course). However, I believe specifically with this movie it is not much a great idea. The audience, including myself, have already fallen in love with Mike, Sully, and Boo as they appeared in the first Monsters Inc. It is said that Mike and Sulley would appear back in their college days. I can’t help but draw parallels to TS3, where Andy is going off to college, except we never do actually see Andy in college, maybe if this plot were to be carried out it, the idea of these two main characters being in college would have been influenced by TS3? Doesn’t sound like Pixar, but likely. I just personally can’t bring myself to enjoy the idea of having juvenile versions of these characters depicted that I’ve already fallen in love with.

Also another major point that would come with this plot is that Boo wouldn’t be in existence during this period in time. The first movie’s plot was completely centered around Boo, Mike and Sully just trying to get Boo back home. Without her, would be no story there, no Monsters Inc. Critics and the rest of the audience viewers worldwide would probably have a similar reaction to the character of Boo being eliminated as when it was announced in TS3 that Little Bo Peep was sold in a garage sale and wouldn’t play a role at all. Of course, Little Bo Peep didn’t have as big of a role as Boo, she was only a pretty lady that Woody made googly eyes at. So the reaction Pixar got on account of Little Bo Peep wouldn’t be as big of a deal compared to the feedback Pixar may receive about Boo. I’m confident Pixar will pull off any plot they choose, however, I do disagree with this idea.

The second plot idea that has been floating around is fast forwarding time to where Mike, Sully, and Boo are all much older. This idea involves a grown-up Boo (aka Mary), where she finds herself back in Monstropolis. Maybe entering Monstropolis by walking through a “hot’ door at Monsters Inc.? Sounds likely. This plot idea, in my opinion, would be a better choice in some ways. I believe the much-anticipated reunion of Boo and “Kitty” would greatly appeal to audiences worldwide.

Even though I like this idea better, I only see one problem. Remember the last few minutes of Monsters Inc.? The ending was left for the viewer to decide, a cliffhanger, which was the best way to end the film. Having a sequel like this, even set in time years later, would give an ending to Monsters Inc. It could take away a little of that magic of the imagination viewers had during those last few minutes of the film. Just based on the conclusion of the first Monsters Inc., it could be a wise decision to go with the prequel, but despite the ending of the first Monsters Inc., I like this plot a little more than the first plot idea, just because of the fact that Boo returns, and even though at an older age, we still have the Mike and Sulley that we fell in love with ten years ago.

What do you think?

Remember: Nothing has been released by Disney on the plot of this film, what is discussed above are only rumors.

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