For the Birds

This morning I was walking my dog, I came across something that was splashing water out of the rain gutter of my neighbor’s house. Being the curious person I am, I stopped and looked at what was making all that raucous, I couldn’t see what was in the rain gutter from where I was standing. A small little bird popped out into view. I had been taking a bath in the rain gutter 🙂 Then that little bird began to shake crazy like a dog shakes after getting wet. It was a really cute scene, the bird’s feather’s were all spiked out and I couldn’t help but think about one of Pixar’s shorts, For the Birds. The bird I saw, with all it’s feathers sticking out looked exactly like Bully (according to Pixar, the first 4 birds in “For the Birds” named left to right are Chipper, Bully, Snob and Neurotic), Bully was the bird that first make the funny face, imitating the large, awkward bird, before the rest of the birds followed Bully’s lead.


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